January 28th 2017     Eastbourne Underground Theatre 10.00am-12.00 (Barber & Taylor)www.undergroundtheatre.co.uk

February 16th 2017     Eastbourne Underground Theatre, Blues Night, 8.00pm (K C Barber supporting Jim Crawford)) www.undergroundtheatre.co.uk

February 21st 2017      Dartford Folk Club. 8.00pm (Barber & Taylor) www.dartfordfolk.org.uk

March 10th 2017  Framfield Memorial Hall, The Street, Framfield  TN22 5NR. 8.00pm (Barber, Taylor & Reed)

April 8th 2017          Eastbourne Underground Theatre 10.00am - 12.00  (K C Barber & Ron Turner) www.undergroundtheatre.co.uk

April 9th 2017      Brussels Folk Club, 7.00pm (Barber, Taylor & Reed)   www.theblackdoor.be

May 21st.  BBC Radio Kent live session, 9.00pm.  (Barber & Taylor)

June 8th 2017    Anchor Folk Club, Byfleet. 8.30pm  (Barber & Taylor. )http://www.anchorfolkclub.com/

July 1st 2017     Eastbourne Underground Theatre 10.00am-12.00 (Barber & Turner)www.undergroundtheatre.co.uk

July 27th 2017    Eastbourne Underground Theatre 7.30pm (Barber & Turner)www.undergroundtheatre.co.uk

August 8th 2017  Folk at the Star, Star Inn, Alfriston. 8.00pm (Barber & Turner)